Welcome to GNuLab!

The Georgetown Nanoscience and Microtechnology Laboratory (GNuLab) is a shared use facility open to researchers in the Georgetown University Main Campus and Medical Center, as well as to external researchers. This 3,300 square foot clean room is located in the Department of Physics in Regents Hall and includes state-of-the-art instrumentation for fabrication and characterization of materials and electronic devices. Users are assisted and trained in their operations by Dr. Jasper Nijdam. We encourage all potential users to browse through this website to check the list of instruments available. If you are interested in using this facility, please contact the GNuLab director, prof. Mak Paranjape. 

A diverse range of projects have been undertaken in GNμLab by various faculty members and their groups, comprising post-doctoral fellows, graduate, undergraduate, graduate, and even high school students.  Current research spans a range of topics in:

• Condensed matter and materials science: biodegradable polymers, 2-D nano-materials, atomic layer deposition of new materials;

• Biomedical devices: glucose sensors, neural probes, MRI contrast agents;

• Carbon nanotube sensors: gas monitoring, diabetes.