Fees and chemical information


Georgetown users pay $25/h for all equipment, other than the SEM which is $50/h.
External users pay $60/h.
Fees include basic chemicals and glassware.
There is an at-cost surcharge for consumables such as deposition metals.

The basic chemicals that are included are:
  • Acetic acid,
  • acetone (regular and e-grade),
  • CD-30 developer,
  • IPA (regular and e-grade),
  • hydrogen peroxide,
  • Lor 5a,
  • MF-19,
  • MIBK,
  • MMA,
  • nitric acid,
  • phosphoric acid,
  • PMMA C-2,
  • PMMA C-10,
  • Shipley 1813 photoresist,
  • sulfuric acid,
  • SU-8 25, SU-8 100 and
  • Transene Ti, Cr and Au etch.
Standard processes:
  • Shipley, SU-8, e-beam lithography: spinning, developing, lift-off
  • Transene etchants for Cu, Cr, Ti, Au, home-made for Al
  • Make PDMS
  • Use of acetone, isopronanol and ethanol for rinsing and cleaning
  • Piranha, (B)HF and aqua regia, with special SOPs