• Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM): Zeiss SUPRA55-VP.
Electron Beam Lithography NPGS with resolutions down to 10s of nanometers.

• Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD): Beneq TFS200.
Deposition of single-layers of dielectric metal oxides.

• High vacuum magnetron sputtering: CVC & Orion-8-UHV.
Sputter deposition of thin layers of Ag, Al, Au, C, Cr,  Cu, Fe, ITO, NiCr 80/20, Pt, Ti, TiW; Al, Al2O3, Nb, Pd

• Thermal deposition: Denton DV-502A.
Thermal deposition of thin layers of Au, Al etc.

• Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD): Plasmalab DP80.
Deposition of thin layers of SiO2, SiN.

• Reactive Ion Etching (RIE): Plasmalab 80 & Plasmalab μP RIE.
Allows substrates to be etched in plasma.

• Photo mask aligning & exposure: Karl Suss MJB-3.
Optical lithography with a resolution down to 2μm.

• Energy Dispersive Microanalysis: Oxford Instruments INCA Energy.
Allows for the analysis of atomic composition of samples.

• K&S wirebonder: Makes electrical connections.

• Stylus Film Thickness Profilometer: Dektak 3030.
Gives a 2D profile of the substrate via a metallic stylus.

• Thin Film Measurement/ Optical microscope: Leitz Ergolux/Filmetrics F40

• Controlled gas ambient quartz tube furnaces: Lindberg, Thermtek.
Chemical Vapor Deposition of carbon nanotubes.

• 3 Stack oxidation furnace.
Chemical vapor deposition of silicon dioxide layers.

• Leak Detector, Three-mass: Pfeiffer QualyTest

• Wet benches with fume extraction